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Marriage Celebrant Civil Services
Marg Cusack 
My aim is to help make YOUR special day
Even MORE Special... 

 “Your day Your Way"

Congratulations to you both on your engagement, I look forward to meeting you.

Do you want something special on "Your Wedding Day"?

As a civil marriage celebrant located in Rural Western Australia, I am dedicated to making your day very special. With the experience I have, you can be sure your day will be all you want it to be.

Whether the wedding is small or large, held at your home, in a garden, a park, or at the bottom of the Superpitthis is your choice. We can work together to ensure your day is all you want it to be. 

A memorable experience is my aim, so that your ceremony is your dream made into reality, for you both.

The 'special feeling' of marrying the one you love, doesn’t happen by accident. It requires input from you both, and with a team effort ,we'll plan your special day, to create a marriage ceremony that is uniquely yours.

"Your Day Your Way"

The ceremony can be as simple or as complex as you want it to be. Your choice entirely. 
I will give you copies of ceremonies, which you can use 'as-is', change  them to suit, design your own, or use a combination of all.  Your ceremony will be exactly as you want it..

It’s your day, and together, we will plan it your way

Your Marriage Ceremony Is Important. Not just because you're making a legal commitment in front of family and friends, but because the choice of words will enhance the love you feel.

It takes skill and involvement from all of us, to achieve the ceremony of your choice. I am very aware of these factors, and have the experience that can help you feel relaxed, yet excited.  That special wedding day you have been planning for a long time, is now happening.

I Believe Strongly in What I Do.

Being a registered civil celebrant is a privilege.

I am blessed to meet people at one of the very best times of their life, and it's a joy and  pleasure for me to perform your ceremony.  This will be a memorable event for you both, as well as your family and guests, so I would be happy to help you make it the best that it can be.

My contact details are as below,
Home      (08)9093 1011
Mobile     0419 197 137
I am available anytime at your convenience.  Please view my Facebook page and join my group if you wish.

Let me tell you a little about myself, my life as a celebrant, and how my expertise can help you...

I love life, and as a celebrant I believe in the couple who are taking this step, to enhance their lives together. 

I am dedicated and sincere in all aspects of performing your ceremony, whether it is a marriage, a naming ceremony, renewal of vows, or any other special celebrations requiring the services of a civil celebrant

I am able to perform marriage services in almost every location in Australia,    

from natural bush land settings, 
to beaches, in the early morning , 
or sunset, and will travel  to  locations within Australia.
My knowledge of Australia is vast, and I am able to suggest parks and civic gardens that you may not know about.
When I attend your wedding ceremony, I bring with me a professional amplifying sound system, so guests can hear clearly what is being said, along with an bluetooth connectivity if needed
When you contact me, I will be very happy to discuss any questions you may have regarding your wedding. 
I have extensive resources and knowledge of local products and personnel, who will be willing to help you on your special day.

My role as a civil marriage celebrant, is to help you celebrate the true meaning of the word  Marriage - with a carefully chosen ceremony, delivered in a sincere way, and reflecting what you both feel.

Celebrate your wedding day.  Celebrate having relatives and dear ones gathered to share your happiness.  Above all, celebrate the love you have found in your life, and share this wonderful feeling in the way you desire on your special day.

I look forward to hearing from you.


      Congratulations on finding your life partner!

       Now you want to start your new life together...

 Frequently Asked Questions

1.     How much does it cost?

2.     What kind of ceremony can I have?

3.     How long will  the ceremony be?

4.    Can my children be included?

5.     Do you come to the home ( park, lodge, beach, etc )?

6.     How do I book your services?

7.     When do I have to pay you?

8.     How long before the ceremony do I need to do the paperwork?

9.     What do I need to bring to our first meeting?


1.    The cost varies, depending on the ceremony and location.

    My basic charge is $450. 
    Includes at least two visits (more if needed) at my home or yours.  
    Discussions regarding your ceremony,
    Completing the necessary legal forms,
    Conducting the ceremony, 
    Lodge the official papers with the Attorney General Registrar department.

    NOTE: There is additional cost if the marriage is performed outside of the local area, whereby the fee is negotiated and 

    agreed upon, at initial meeting.

2.    You can choose from my selection of ceremonies already prepared, or write your own.

                   If you wish, you may have a combination of both

                       Your Day Your Way        333

3.  The ceremony generally lasts about 15- 30 minutes.

       This is all inclusive and varies depending on the content selected besides the official components of a wedding ceremony.
       This can be altered if desired, to a longer or shorter time.

4.  Children can also be included in your ceremony.

       This can be a personal and important means of uniting a new family.
       A suggestion is, that the vows made between you both could also include the children, ie; to respect, be loyal and show concern 
       for their well being, and the guests are asked to include the children in the congratulations that follow. 

       There is no standard prepared paragraph for this, because of it being personal in nature. Feel free to discuss it, and together we                            can work out the necessary words to include your children.


5.    I will conduct the ceremony where you wish to be married.

               The location is entirely your choice. 

                Your wedding ceremony can be conducted wherever you wish. 

                I am able to travel to any location to make your day special and unique.

6.    Here is the procedure for booking my services:
      • Choose your date and time.
      • Contact me to arrange a time that I can meet  with you (day or evening), on any of the phone numbers or by Email.

7.   Payment is due as below.
       A deposit of $150 is payable when completing the Notice of Intention, (NOIM)
       This is non-refundable if changes or cancellation occurs.
       The balance is payable 4 weeks prior to your wedding day.

8.   The Notice of Intended Marriage must be completed at least
        One calendar month prior to your ceremony and up to 18 months before the wedding date.
       Your wedding can be booked any time in that period. 

         If certain conditions prevail that that would necessitate a marriage

         earlier than one month, the Registrar General’s Office must be contacted and the reason discussed with an officer who has 

         the authority to shorten the time.

         Contact me first, and complete a Notice of Intended Marriage to take with you.

         A fee is payable to the Registrar’s office if the “Notice” is approved.

9.     When you see me, you need to bring with you

    •    Birth certificates, if Australian born (extract OK).
    •    Or passports - Australian or Overseas (must be in English)
    •    Another form of photo identification (License etc)

             If previously married:

    •    Absolute Decrees (divorce papers)
    •    Or death certificate of former spouse.

At least two visits to see me, at my home or yours,  are required as part of the lead up to the ceremony.

       The initial meeting is to take care of the legal necessities, discuss the ceremony & the arrangements you would like to take place on  
       your wedding day..
       At least 2-4 weeks before the wedding date, I need to see you again to sign a
                "No Legal Impediment declaration"  
                Payment of balance is due at this time 

                  SOME THINGS WORTH KNOWING:

     It is generally possible to perform the wedding on the day requested and  mid-afternoon onward times are always booked first. 

     For this reason an early booking is advisable, to avoid disappointment. 

     Also, some months are heavily booked because of their popularity.

     I have a good knowledge of suitable outdoor locations in this area, for wedding ceremonies, and would be happy to discuss these with you.

Congratulations, I hope your wedding day is everything 

you want it to be.

  You can phone me on  (08) 9093 1011   or   Mobile 0419 197 137                                          or   
    Email to make an appointment.
Please visit my Facebook page for previous ceremonies I have conducted.  
       I look forward to meeting you, and working with you, to make your day one that you'll remember always.

       Margaret Cusack, 75 Wittenoom Street, BOULDER WA 6432.